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Blogging expat

How is life when you are a blogging expat somewhere far away from home? How was the process of getting to the point you wanted and/or needed to leave. And how is it that we can blog about almost anything we like.

That last part is an interesting one on which I will post later on. How we did get to this point? That one is fairly easy. We were interested in moving to others places. First with holidays and then later for longer stays which ultimately led to becoming an expat living abroad. The preparation was intense. Looking through dozens of insurances and finding which international health insurance fits best to our situation. As an[…]

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Game industry

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The game industry is attacking the movie industry. How? By competing directly with Netflix. At the moment Netflix is the largest for streaming movies and Steam is the largest for streaming video games.

Now Steam has announced to be also considering streaming movies. This is a weird but interesting step for the company. While Netflix is still only streaming movies, and tv shows (including owning content themselves) they haven’t responded yet to this market change for the gaming industry.

Our advice would be, invest money to already start looking[…]

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The sad news of Prince leaving our lives have a great impact on our news. We can expect no more Prince performances and he was one of the best.

While his fans are sad because of his loss, it looks like his family has a different feeling. Already many family members have started arguing with each other about the remainders of his fortune, according to many news channels. This is very sad and it feels like even the people who don’t want to enter this rat race, have to[…]

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Just reported that Uber has taken another round of investment money and is now worth more than a couple of billion US dollars. And has a value greater than $68 Billion US dollars.   The only thing we can imagine is, how do you get all that money back. Imagine the amount of rides they […]

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